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How Globalization is Changing Everything

Thomas Friedman talks about 3 specific categories in his book The World is Flat. 

  • Globalization 1.0- This is the trade between one country to another by the government.
  • Globalization 2.0- This is when multi-national corp. trade with each other but NOT through the government
  • Globalization 3.0 -Starting in the year 2000. Drastic changes. All due to the internet. This is the time of trading between individuals.

In 1995 Netscape became public. this lead to the internet as we know it. This is what started globalization 3.0. 

This allowed for:

  • Workflow softwares such as Microsoft word/ excel. This increased productivity.
  • Uploading- (blogs, Youtube) the sharing of ideas!!
  • Outsourcing- Channeling 3rd parties to help with your business
  • Offshoring- Cheap labor :( moving your company somewhere cheaper. ;(
  • Supply Chaining- very expediant
  • Insourcing- Letting logistics handle your business such as Fed-Ex.
  • Informing- Google, yahoo. a huge source of available information for everyone
All of the things above became accelerated and converged by what Friedman calls the Steroids. These all lead to globalization 3.0 and therefore into a LEVEL PLATFORM.

The world is transforming from a vertical to a horizontal or level platform. 
OK. So now that we’ve got all that boring stuff out of the way WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR MARKETERS ??

It means that on a level platform where everyone has all this available information and tools, What can be done, Will be done. 

Individual Creativity is key here folks. The people that are able to be more creative and not just follow the normal so called text book approach will make it. Remember the world is flat. Are you more creative than the 15 year old girl in India with wifi?!?
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